Let Only
One months’ rent plus 20% including VAT (e.g. if the agreed rent is £600.00 the fee payable will be £720.00) Minimum fee £540.00 including VAT

(450 plus VAT)

Full Management
Letting: 75% of one months’ rent including VAT (e.g. if the agreed rent for the property is £600, the fee will be £450)


Ongoing management: 12% of rent collected including VAT (e.g. if the agreed rent for the property is £600 per month, the management fee will be £72 per month)

Letting fee is based on the Landlord using the ongoing management service for minimum period of 12 months.

Minimum letting fee: £420 including VAT

(£350 plus VAT)

Minimum management fee £60 per month (including VAT) (£50 plus VAT)

Full Management (When no rent is being paid, for whatever reason)
Fee as per above based on rent that falls due under the tenancy agreement or lease Minimum management fee £60 per month (including VAT) (£50 plus VAT)
Renewal of Tenancy Documentation – Landlord’s Request
£102 including VAT for renewal.  (£85 plus VAT)

£240 for entirely new tenancy agreement.  (£200 plus VAT)

Only done at the request of the parties
Dealing with Repairs
Minor repairs (up to a value of £250): included in management fee


Other repairs: 12% of contractor’s charges incurred

(10% plus VAT)



Health and Safety Advice
General advice: included in management fee


In respect of major repairs and issues: fees to be agreed dependent on the client’s requirements.



External advice may be required in certain circumstances

£102.00 including VAT for most residential properties.

(£85 plus VAT)

Fee depends on property size.  This work may be outsourced to an independent contractor.
Preparation of Inventory
£180 including VAT

(£150 plus VAT)

Fee may rise for particularly large properties (5+ bedrooms)
Visits During Void Periods
£42.00 including VAT per visit.  (£35 plus VAT) Only done on the Landlord’s specific instructions
Sale to Tenant
1.2% including VAT.  (1% plus VAT) This relates to a sale to a tenant (or their immediate family) introduced by the Agent, irrespective of whether the Agent was instrumental in negotiating the sale
Legal Support
A range of rates apply depending on the personnel involved.  Rates range from £96 per hour to £240 (including VAT) per hour plus expenses and disbursements Only done on the Landlord’s specific instructions.  A fee quote to be provided in advance
Solicitors’ Charges
Solicitors to provide fee quote Where the services of a solicitor are required a fee quote will be provided prior to instruction

NB – VAT is included in all fees quoted above – all fees correct as at 25th January 2021