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 – Tenant Costs –

1. Application

It is assumed that all prospective tenants can produce full and good financial references.

‘An administration fee is payable before we will process your application.

This is as follows:

  • Individual Applicants – £180 (£150 + VAT)
  • Two Adult Application – £264 (£220 + VAT)
  • Additional Applicants – £84.00 (£70 + VAT)
  • Guarantors – £60.00 (£50 + VAT)
  • Company Applicants – £180 (£150 + VAT)

A Guarantor Check consists of a Credit Check and/or reference and an employer reference depending on the guarantor’s Employment Status. = £50 + VAT’

Immigration Act 2014
The Immigration Act 2014, and for these purposes, effective from 1st February 2016, states that you will need to have your residency status validated in the UK. Our referencing Company will apply a small charge usually around £16 + VAT; this will cover the additional costs of the work required and ensure there is a Right to Rent in the UK and you are in possession of the correct residency permission.

2. References

All prospective tenants will be asked to supply appropriate references; two of which must be your employer and your bank or via credit check. For those applicants without bank accounts, we would state that a Building Society current savings account or similar would be required as the rent payments for the lease term would be made by standing order. For those applicants who are self-employed, we would also require trade references. The Landlord may reject your application because one of your references does not supply sufficient information to support your application or provides some concern to the Landlord. In these cases, the application fee is not returnable. So please ask your referees before placing them with us. You don’t want failed Bank references. In cases where Financial references are negative, cannot speak for the figures, are higher than one would expect on your account or have insufficient information to comment, your application will be rejected but the Landlord may consider rent in advance or Guarantors, however, the Landlord will be under no obligation to accept these. If you withdraw your application after paying the application fee because your circumstances change, the application fee is not returnable. A Guarantor check consists of a credit check and/or bank reference and an employer reference depending on the guarantor’s employment status. = £50 + VAT

3. Lease Agreement

A lease agreement is required to be signed by the tenant and in some cases by a guarantor.
If, after the initial Lease Term you require a Lease Extension, there will be an Administration Fee of £80+VAT

4. Deposits

Government Deposit Scheme
Most of our Tenancies will be covered under this Scheme by ‘My Deposits’, who are one of the 3 providers, Licensed by HM Government. HM Government wished to protect Deposits that may be held by Private Landlords and Unqualified Agencies. Hence, the introduction of The New Scheme.

Scheme Charges
Unfortunately, all regulated Schemes have administration and costs. These are usually around £25.00 + VAT, per Deposit, although the premiums may vary for larger rents.

5. Tenant Default Costs

Cleaning – It is agreed that the Tenant will clean the property, at least weekly during the Tenancy. It is also agreed that the property will be professionally cleaned at the end of the Lease. Such cleaning to include: Inside and outside windows, grubby marks on walls, mouldy silicone and tile grouting, ovens, hobs and steam hoods, Soft Furnishings (Sofas, Suites, Chairs, Carpets and Curtains) that will include shampooing or steaming. If insufficient time has been expended to cleaning by the Tenant, a Final Clean may be undertaken by the Landlord and the costs thereof, debited to the Tenant’s deposit account. The current costings are: The average cost of a (House / Flat) clean is £170 – £250 + vat; The average cost of carpet cleaning is £65 + vat per carpet. The average cost of a cooker clean is £65 + vat. The Landlord’s/Agents handling costs will be £25+ vat for each cleaning subject as above.

Window Cleaning – All interior Windows will be washed, once per month and at the end of the Tenancy (Exterior window cleans are excluded if in a Managed Flat Block). If at the end of the term, the windows need cleaning the The Landlord’s estimate is £25 + vat for inside and £25+ vat for outside. The Landlord’s/Agent’s handling costs will be £25+ vat for each cleaning subject as above.

Late Rent Payments – If the rent is paid late or if the rent agreed by the Lease, is to be paid by Standing Order or monthly internet payment, and if this is cancelled, resulting in late payment, there may be an Administration Surcharge of £25.00 plus VAT for each month, or upon each occasion, this occurs. Any letters from the Landlords/ Managing Agents reporting and chasing breach or defaults will be charged at £25.00 plus VAT.

Post Re-Direction – The Tenant agrees to provide the Landlord with their forwarding address at the end of the tenancy and authorises the Landlord to supply their forwarding address to Creditors and/or their Databases. The Landlord’s/Agents mail forwarding costs will be £12.00 per item.

6. Rent

With regards to rent payment, if the property is “Let Only” the rent will be paid monthly in advance on the anniversary date of commencement. Rent is always paid in advance. If the property is Managed, the payment date is set to between 20th to 25th of a month. On signing the Lease, the tenant will be asked to pay an apportionment rent to the 20th and also, 1 month’s rent. ( Please speak to us if you have any problems).

7. Leases signed in advance of occupation

In these cases, a charge equivalent to 1 month’s rent will be paid to ourselves upon signing the Lease. This charge will be forfeit in total if the applicant withdraws for any reason whatsoever. Where the Lease proceeds, these monies will form the 1st month’s rent.

8. Inventory

The Inventory will be provided to the tenant, for checking upon signing the Lease. We require this to be signed simultaneously and thereafter the tenant has 7 days to check the Inventory and return it to us signed. This document will be used to record the Fixtures, Furnishings and Condition. If we do not receive any amendments, the Inventory will stand as supplied.

9. Pets

If you have a pet which you wish to bring with you to a Rented Property, please ask before signing the Lease. There is a prohibition against all pets within the Lease agreements, although we may be able to lift this, under certain circumstances. Usually where pets are allowed, a small loading on the rent and deposit will be requested by most landlords.

Professional Memberships
Ad Hoc Charges for ancillary time £200 + VAT per hour Surveyor
£150 + VAT for Senior Manager; £100 + VAT per hour Technician

RICS +44(0)24 7686 8555
NAEA 01926496800

The Property Redress Scheme 03333219 418
Ground, Kingmaker House, Station Road, New Barnet EN5 1NZ

The Ombudsman Scheme 01722 333 306
Milford House, 43-55 Milford Street, Salisbury, Wiltshire, SP1 2BP

10. References

If you require references following the end of your tenancy, we can provide a directed reference to a specific person or company with your written permission regarding your tenancy period. Unfortunately this takes care and time to do and we have to cover the labour costs of thus. However, this is reasonable at £21+ VAT per reference.